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Widget Appearance and Style

These classes are used to customize an application's appearance and style.

TQBoxLayoutLines up child widgets horizontally or vertically
TQButtonGroupOrganizes TQButton widgets in a group
TQCDEStyleCDE look and feel
TQColorColors based on RGB or HSV values
TQColorGroupGroup of widget colors
TQCommonStyleEncapsulates the common Look and Feel of a GUI
TQCursorMouse cursor with an arbitrary shape
TQFontFont used for drawing text
TQGLayoutIteratorAbstract base class of internal layout iterators
TQGridSimple geometry management of its children
TQGridLayoutLays out widgets in a grid
TQGroupBoxGroup box frame with a title
TQHBoxHorizontal geometry management for its child widgets
TQHBoxLayoutLines up widgets horizontally
TQHButtonGroupOrganizes TQButton widgets in a group with one horizontal row
TQHGroupBoxOrganizes widgets in a group with one horizontal row
TQLayoutThe base class of geometry managers
TQLayoutItemAbstract item that a TQLayout manipulates
TQLayoutIteratorIterators over TQLayoutItem
TQMacStyleImplements an Appearance Manager style
TQMotifPlusStyleMore sophisticated Motif-ish look and feel
TQMotifStyleMotif look and feel
TQPaletteColor groups for each widget state
TQPlatinumStyleMac/Platinum look and feel
TQSGIStyleSGI/Irix look and feel
TQSizeGripCorner-grip for resizing a top-level window
TQSizePolicyLayout attribute describing horizontal and vertical resizing policy
TQSpacerItemBlank space in a layout
TQStyleThe look and feel of a GUI
TQStyleOptionOptional parameters for TQStyle functions
TQVBoxVertical geometry management of its child widgets
TQVBoxLayoutLines up widgets vertically
TQVButtonGroupOrganizes TQButton widgets in a vertical column
TQVGroupBoxOrganizes a group of widgets in a vertical column
TQWidgetItemLayout item that represents a widget
TQWindowsStyleMicrosoft Windows-like look and feel

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