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Database Classes

These classes provide access to SQL databases.

TQDataBrowserData manipulation and navigation for data entry forms
TQDataTableFlexible SQL table widget that supports browsing and editing
TQDataViewRead-only SQL forms
TQEditorFactoryUsed to create editor widgets for TQVariant data types
TQSqlNamespace for TQt SQL identifiers that need to be global-like
TQSqlCursorBrowsing and editing of SQL tables and views
TQSqlDatabaseUsed to create SQL database connections and to provide transaction handling
TQSqlDriverAbstract base class for accessing SQL databases
TQSqlEditorFactoryUsed to create the editors used by TQDataTable and TQSqlForm
TQSqlErrorSQL database error information
TQSqlFieldManipulates the fields in SQL database tables and views
TQSqlFieldInfoStores meta data associated with a SQL field
TQSqlFormCreates and manages data entry forms tied to SQL databases
TQSqlIndexFunctions to manipulate and describe TQSqlCursor and TQSqlDatabase indexes
TQSqlPropertyMapUsed to map widgets to SQL fields
TQSqlQueryMeans of executing and manipulating SQL statements
TQSqlRecordEncapsulates a database record, i.e. a set of database fields
TQSqlRecordInfoEncapsulates a set of database field meta data
TQSqlResultAbstract interface for accessing data from SQL databases
TQSqlSelectCursorBrowsing of general SQL SELECT statements

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