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Graphics Classes

These classes provide powerful graphics drawing primitives for both 2D and (with OpenGL) 3D.

See also this introduction to the TQt coordinate system.

TQBitmapMonochrome (1-bit depth) pixmaps
TQBrushDefines the fill pattern of shapes drawn by a TQPainter
TQCanvas2D area that can contain TQCanvasItem objects
TQCanvasEllipseEllipse or ellipse segment on a TQCanvas
TQCanvasItemAbstract graphic object on a TQCanvas
TQCanvasItemListList of TQCanvasItems
TQCanvasLineLine on a TQCanvas
TQCanvasPixmapPixmaps for TQCanvasSprites
TQCanvasPixmapArrayArray of TQCanvasPixmaps
TQCanvasPolygonPolygon on a TQCanvas
TQCanvasPolygonalItemPolygonal canvas item on a TQCanvas
TQCanvasRectangleRectangle on a TQCanvas
TQCanvasSplineMulti-bezier splines on a TQCanvas
TQCanvasSpriteAnimated canvas item on a TQCanvas
TQCanvasTextText object on a TQCanvas
TQCanvasViewOn-screen view of a TQCanvas
TQColorColors based on RGB or HSV values
TQColorDialogDialog widget for specifying colors
TQColorGroupGroup of widget colors
TQDirectPainterDirect access to the video hardware
TQFontFont used for drawing text
TQFontDatabaseInformation about the fonts available in the underlying window system
TQFontInfoGeneral information about fonts
TQFontMetricsFont metrics information
TQGLNamespace for miscellaneous identifiers in the TQt OpenGL module
TQGLColormapUsed for installing custom colormaps into TQGLWidgets
TQGLContextEncapsulates an OpenGL rendering context
TQGLFormatThe display format of an OpenGL rendering context
TQGLWidgetWidget for rendering OpenGL graphics
TQIconSetSet of icons with different styles and sizes
TQImageHardware-independent pixmap representation with direct access to the pixel data
TQImageConsumerAbstraction used by TQImageDecoder
TQImageDecoderIncremental image decoder for all supported image formats
TQImageFormatIncremental image decoder for a specific image format
TQImageFormatTypeFactory that makes TQImageFormat objects
TQImageIOParameters for loading and saving images
TQMovieIncremental loading of animations or images, signalling as it progresses
TQPaintDeviceThe base class of objects that can be painted
TQPaintDeviceMetricsInformation about a paint device
TQPainterDoes low-level painting e.g. on widgets
TQPaletteColor groups for each widget state
TQPenDefines how a TQPainter should draw lines and outlines of shapes
TQPicturePaint device that records and replays TQPainter commands
TQPixmapOff-screen, pixel-based paint device
TQPixmapCacheApplication-global cache for pixmaps
TQPNGImagePackerCreates well-compressed PNG animations
TQPointDefines a point in the plane
TQPointArrayArray of points
TQPrinterPaint device that paints on a printer
TQRectDefines a rectangle in the plane
TQRegionClip region for a painter
TQSizeDefines the size of a two-dimensional object
TQStyleSheetCollection of styles for rich text rendering and a generator of tags
TQWMatrix2D transformations of a coordinate system

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