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TQCharRef Class Reference

The TQCharRef class is a helper class for TQString. More...

All the functions in this class are reentrant when TQt is built with thread support.

#include <ntqstring.h>

List of all member functions.

Detailed Description

The TQCharRef class is a helper class for TQString.

When you get an object of type TQCharRef, if you can assign to it, the assignment will apply to the character in the string from which you got the reference. That is its whole purpose in life. The TQCharRef becomes invalid once modifications are made to the string: if you want to keep the character, copy it into a TQChar.

Most of the TQChar member functions also exist in TQCharRef. However, they are not explicitly documented here.

See also TQString::operator[](), TQString::at(), TQChar, and Text Related Classes.

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