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TQChildEvent Class Reference

The TQChildEvent class contains event parameters for child object events. More...

#include <ntqevent.h>

Inherits TQEvent.

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Detailed Description

The TQChildEvent class contains event parameters for child object events.

Child events are sent to objects when children are inserted or removed.

A ChildRemoved event is sent immediately, but a ChildInserted event is posted (with TQApplication::postEvent()).

Note that if a child is removed immediately after it is inserted, the ChildInserted event may be suppressed, but the ChildRemoved event will always be sent. In this case there will be a ChildRemoved event without a corresponding ChildInserted event.

The handler for these events is TQObject::childEvent().

See also Event Classes.

Member Function Documentation

TQChildEvent::TQChildEvent ( Type type, TQObject * child )

Constructs a child event object. The child is the object that is to be removed or inserted.

The type parameter must be either TQEvent::ChildInserted or TQEvent::ChildRemoved.

TQObject * TQChildEvent::child () const

Returns the child widget that was inserted or removed.

bool TQChildEvent::inserted () const

Returns TRUE if the widget received a new child; otherwise returns FALSE.

bool TQChildEvent::removed () const

Returns TRUE if the object lost a child; otherwise returns FALSE.

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