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TQTab Class Reference

The TQTab class provides the structures in a TQTabBar. More...

#include <ntqtabbar.h>

Inherits TQt.

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Public Members

Detailed Description

The TQTab class provides the structures in a TQTabBar.

This class is used for custom TQTabBar tab headings.

See also TQTabBar and Advanced Widgets.

Member Function Documentation

TQTab::TQTab ()

Constructs an empty tab. All fields are set to empty.

TQTab::TQTab ( const TQString & text )

Constructs a tab with the text text.

TQTab::TQTab ( const TQIconSet & icon, const TQString & text = TQString::null )

Constructs a tab with an icon and the text, text.

TQTab::~TQTab () [virtual]

Destroys the tab and frees up all allocated resources.

TQIconSet * TQTab::iconSet () const

Return the TQIconSet of the TQTab.

int TQTab::identifier () const

Return the TQTab's identifier.

bool TQTab::isEnabled () const

Returns TRUE if the TQTab is enabled; otherwise returns FALSE.

TQRect TQTab::rect () const

Return the TQRect for the TQTab.

void TQTab::setEnabled ( bool enable )

If enable is TRUE enable the TQTab, otherwise disable it.

void TQTab::setIconSet ( const TQIconSet & icon )

Sets the tab's iconset to icon

void TQTab::setIdentifier ( int i )

Set the identifier for the TQTab to i. Each TQTab's identifier within a TQTabBar must be unique.

void TQTab::setRect ( const TQRect & rect )

Set the TQTab TQRect to rect.

void TQTab::setText ( const TQString & text )

Sets the text of the tab to text.

TQString TQTab::text () const

Returns the text of the TQTab label.

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