Trinity Qt Interface for Qt4 Trinity Porting Status

This section of the Wiki details the current porting status of Trinity to the TQt interface for Qt4


Component Status Known Phase 4 Issues
arts Phase 4 in progress
kdelibs Phase 4 in progress See kdebase below.
kdebase Phase 4 in progress 1. Rendering of Kicker balloon tooltip popups is broken
2. KSplash stays open and active on top of other windows when it should close and disappear
3. KTip border does not appear
4. Embedded PNG and JPEG images do not display in khelpcenter, konqueror, etc.
5. Keyboard menu/action shortcuts are triggered in Kate and KWrite by letter keys even when no modifier keys are depressed
6. File selection rubber bands do not always display correctly (but they still function as expected); a problem is suspected in painter clipping
7. Konsole scrollbars are translucent to the underlying widget background color when the Plastik widget theme is in use
8. KLineEdit? completion dropdown/popup disappears immediately after it is shown; TQt event transmitters should be checked to verify the popup is not receiving one or more spurious events directly after show
kdeedu Phase 1 complete
kdepim Phase 1 complete
all other core Phase 1 complete
all applications Phase 1 in progress


Phase Number Description
1 Initial porting for the TQt interface for Qt3. Will not compile with TQt for Qt4.
2 Secondary porting to utilize new tq* methods present in TQt for Qt4. Will not compile with TQt for Qt4.
3 Tertiary porting to utilize TQ_OBJECT(), TQT_BASE_OBJECT(), etc. Will compile with TQt for Qt4 but is functionally untested.
4 Final porting and functionality verification.


Module Name Description


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