2020.11.01: TDE R14.0.9 release is here!

The Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) development team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of TDE R14.0.9. Albeit being a maintenance release, this version brings along a bunch of new applications to expand the offer of the TDE desktop and provide a more modern look.

TDE is a complete software desktop environment designed for Unix-like operating systems, intended for computer users preferring a traditional desktop model, and is free/libre software. Born as a fork of KDE 3.5 back in 2010, TDE is now a fully independent project with its own personality and development team, available for various Linux distros, BSD and DilOS.

This release comes with new styles providing better look and feel (Baghira, Domino, Ia Ora), new widgets (KoolDock and TastyMenu), new utilities (KXMLEditor, Mathemagics, Qalculate) and new applications (Codeine, TDEDocker, TDEPacman). It also adds support for Xine 1.2.10, improves compatibility with PulseAudio, fixes various bugs, adds support for brightness control from keyboard and integrates CVE-2020-17507 to prevent buffer overflow in XBM parsers.

The full version of the Release Notes is available here.

The complete list of bugs fixed in this release is available at these locations (please note that the two lists complement each others, they are not duplicates):
A detailed commit change log is also available here.

We would like to thank all the people who have contributed to the preparation of this release and we are looking forward for further contributions in future.

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