2024.04.28: TDE R14.1.2 released!

The Trinity Desktop Environment development team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the TDE R14.1.2 release.

TDE is a free/libre lightweight desktop environment intended for computer users preferring a lean and efficient experience. It is available for various Linux distros, BSD and DilOS. Low on system requirements, it is also an ideal choice for dated hardware, while still providing a fully usable desktop.

R14.1.2 is the biggest maintenance release to date, not only for the user-side improvements but also for the large amount of work that went into code cleanup and refinement behind the scenes. The major highlights of this version are:
  • new graphical styles (Polyester, Fahrenheit, GTK-based Ia Ora) and six new color schemes
  • fixed resizing issues with various Virtual Terminal based applications, like xfce and mate terminals or gvim
  • several TQt3 memory leak and bug fixes
  • an overall of the sftp tdeioslave authentication methods
  • visual feedback for volume level through new kmix icons
  • GUI option to allow selecting different shutdown dialogs
  • notifications for keyboard layout switch
  • DCOP extension for windows tiling
  • enhancements or bug fixes for various applications
There are a lot of other changes both under the hood and visible to users, so please refer to the links below for a longer list and further details.
Upgrading from R14.1.1 should be straightforward.

We would like to thank all the people who have contributed to the preparation of this release and we are looking forward for further contributions in future.

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