From time to time various Trinity Desktop Project services may be taken offline due to scheduled maintainance, upgrades, or equipment failure.
This page lists all known service issues and, when known in advance, shows planned dates and times for scheduled maintainance.

Overall Status:Normal operation
Web Services:Normal operation
Bugtracker:Normal operation
QuickBuild:Normal operation
Mailing Lists:Normal operation
Build Farm:Normal operation
GIT system:Normal operation
Patchset generator:Normal operation
Automated nightly builds:Normal operation
Master rsync uplink:Normal operation
IRC bot:Normal operation
Etherpad:Normal operation
Patchwork:Normal operation
LiveCD builder:Normal operation
Scheduled Maintenance:No maintenance scheduled

The information shown above is manually generated and reflects the current knowledge of the TDE system administrator.
If a service is listed as "Normal operation" above, but you have reason to believe the service is offline, please contact Timothy Pearson at