Chapter 11. TDE applications

11.1. KPPP
11.2. Konsole


Many TDE users report problems using KPPP. Make sure you have already checked the following:

  • Can you dialup to your ISP without using KPPP? If you cannot, then perhaps KPPP is not the culprit after all.

  • Have you gone through the KPPP documentation and followed the instructions and troubleshooting suggestions?

The KPPP handbook is available through the TDE Help Center.

If you still encounter problems, then the following might help:

How do I change the MTU setting in KPPP?

Open up the KPPP dialog box and select Setup. Choose an existing account and click Edit, or New to create a new dialup account. Select the Dial tab and click Arguments. Type what you want to change in the Argument textbox (e.g. mtu 296) and click Add. When you are satisfied, click Close.

To check whether the options took, do one of the following:

  • In a terminal window, run /sbin/ifconfig ppp0 and look at the reported MTU in the output. It should match your request.

  • Add debug and kdebug (each on a separate line) to your /etc/ppp/options file and restart your PPP session. You will find debugging messages in /var/log/messages, including MRU and MTU settings.

If you want, the MRU and MTU settings can be added to the options file, one complete setting per line, no quotes or dashes.

KPPP connects at a slower speed than normal.

The following might do the trick:

  • Try executing setserial spd_hi.

  • The default MTU value is 1500, which maybe too large for a dialup connection. Try changing it to a smaller value like 296 or 576.

  • Check in your $HOME/.trinity/share/config for the kppprc. Ensure the correct modem speed is actually defined there.



How do I page-up or page-down?

Use Shift+Page Up and Shift+Pg Dn.

How do I copy text from Konsole to anything else?

Use the mouse to select the desired text. From the Edit menu, select Copy, or press Ctrl+Shift+C. This places the text in the TDE clipboard, Klipper. Next select the target application, place the mouse pointer to the desired location and press Ctrl+V. Alternately, highlight the text by dragging with the left mouse button down and paste by clicking with the middle mouse button (or both buttons if you are using a 2 button mouse with 3 button emulation).


Note that the copying and pasting keyboard shortcuts use the Shift key. That is because in traditional Unix terminals, Ctrl+C is used to break or stop a process from running.

Why can't Konsole find the 9x15 and the 2 console bitmap fonts installed with TDE?

FontConfig must find the three fonts installed in: $TDEDIR/share/fonts. If the TDE install does not install these fonts in a directory that already exists (e.g. /usr/share/fonts) then you must add this directory to the configuration file /etc/fonts/local.conf. This should be the first line after <fontconfig>. For example:




After adding the directory, run (as root): fc-cache -v and check that it found the directory.